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This song…

January 4, 2011

…is THE song to play when you are chasing your skeptical girlfriend who is pulling away from the bus station but you get the bus driver to pull over cause he sees that look in your eye and he’s been there before so your girlfriend gets off the bus incredulously as you sit there pleading in your smart Banana Republic outfit which is a change for you cause you used to ONLY wear hoodies but having to take care of your seven-year old twin nieces while your sister was sick (she’s better now) really opened your eyes that you can’t keep spinning your wheels like this and at some point everyone has to grow up and you’re not the same person you three months ago when your girlfriend stormed out of the comic book store because now you’re getting a small business loan and you’re going to open that organic pet store because the conditions in hamster mills are disgusting and you have a social conscience now and if she could just give you another chance then she would see all this.

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