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In Which Penn Recites, from Memory, All the Lyrics to “Whoomp! There It Is”

December 13, 2010

Before we dive in to what you all came to examine, the masterful leagues of Tag Team, I would like to take a moment to examine the construct and story behind “Whoomp! (There It Is).” So if you will, please indulge me, and perhaps learn a little something about yourself on the way…

Now, scholars from Columbia to Oxford have written paper after paper on what DC and The Brain Supreme find to be “it”, so I won’t bore you with my own theories (it’s pussy), but I wanted to examine the structure of their work.

DC and The Brain Supreme (henceforth to be referred to as “The Tag Team”) spurn many of the more proven and tested rhyming schemes in order to evoke their own sense of whimsy without taking the listener down an all-too-familiar path. I happened to study with DC in Cambridge during a fellowship we were taking at a creative poetry (is there any other kind? How droll!) workshop. During the creation of the lion’s share of his work, DC wore his Chaucer influences on his sleeve, to the point that it was often difficult for the reader to tell if they were listening to “The Miller’s Tale” or a from-the-heart ode to gin and juice and diggin’ it.

Like all good artists, DC evolved. Following the death of his wombat, Ricky, DC went through a well-document dark period where most of his rhymes focused on the existential dilemma of man. His work during this period is widely regarded as the greatest examination of the human condition in modern history, but it lacked a certain “je ne sais FUNK.” It was riveting material, but at no time did it make the listener or reader feel compelled to bend over some freak in a spandex dress while pantomiming a lasso.

Enter: The Brain Supreme

Before his work with Tag Team, the Brain Supreme travelled anonymously, creating some of the most electric jazz music since the days of Davis and Mingus. His staccato approach towards storytelling assaulted the reader with reality.

For example: When the Brain Supreme conveys to the listener “here’s a shovel/can you dig it, fool?” I FEEL as though there is an obese toothless black man screaming in my face. Shakespeare never did that. Cervantes never did that. Joyce did that, but only in his later work.

Forgoing the Keatsian rhyme pattern “ABABCDECDE” was no small sacrifice for The Tag Team, but their departure paid off in spades. They instead created their own rhyme scheme, which is rarely seen today, when most poets lead with their influences. However, the rhyme pattern of:

(senseless bullshit)
(senseless bullshit)
(senseless bullshit)
(senseless bullshit)
(senseless bullshit)
(senseless bullshit)
(senseless bullshit)
(senseless bullshit)
(senseless bullshit)
(senseless bullshit)

has since been adopted as THE rhyming scheme of popular hip hop. I could go on, but then there would be no reason for you to purchase my upcoming book of musical criticisms tentatively titled “C’mon (And Ride It): An Analysis of Late 90’s Party Rap from a Classical Perspective.”

Please do not look at them in the eyes.

Tag Team back again
Check it, direct it
let’s begin
party on party people
let me hear some noise
DC’s in the house
jump, jump rejoice
there’s a party over here,
a party over there,
wave your hands in the air
shake your derrier
these three words
mean you’re gettin’ busy
whoomp! there it is
hit me

Whoomp! there it is
Whoomp! there it is
a little louder
Whoomp! there it is
Whoomp! there it is

upside down
and inside out
I’m bout to show all you folks
what it’s all about
when it’s time for me to get on the mic
and make this (motherfuckin’) party hype
I’m takin’ it back to the old school
cause I’m an old fool
who’s so cool
if you wanna get down
let me show you the way
whoomp! there it is
let me hear ya say


Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka shaka
Shakalaka shakalaka shakalaka shaka

point blank
gin and juice
I drank
gettin bent
getting bent
as I puff on the dank
slam dunk it
stick it
slip it
and slide
that b-double-o-t-y
(oh my!)
ooh that’s it
c’mon, c’mon
whoomp! there it is
I’m done


some say I’m crazy
’cause I’m pushin’ up taises
the underground sound that you have found
amazing outstanding demanding
you people dancin’
That’s a breath taker
I produce AKA the
you want to come down
to the underground
Old school –
here’s a shovel
can dig it fool?
can you dig it?
we can dig it
can y’all dig it?
we can dig it

why double up
as I flow
to the fly
from the school of old
hardcore kick the folk lore wreck
Three to the two and the one
mad skill flow
ill on the mesh of steel
That’s the grill of the microphone
I just killed
Party people it’s your party
Tag Team is through
whoomp! there it is
I thought you knew
whoomp! there it is
Tag Team music
comin’ straight atcha
That’s me DC the brain supreme
And my man Steve Roll’n
Bring it back ya’ll bring it back ya’ll bring it back
Here we go



Whoomp! there it is (x6)

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