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Who Killed the News?

November 30, 2010


CNN now covers the most popular You Tube videos. This morning I sat in my bathrobe and watched 30 seconds of a flying lawnmower. This is only after I switched to CNN because the Today Show was talking about the power of metallic accessories on saving your marriage…or something. I now, for the most part, despise the Today Show. It’s always been kind of sappy, but at least interjected real news segments in between the human interest. It all started to go irreversibly wrong a few years ago at the same time some producer came up with “Today Show Throws a Wedding”. The “Today Show throws frozen bananas at a bunch of self degrading monkeys who are too cheap to pay for their own Wedding” would be a more accurate title. Now I can’t even escape to CNN. The numerous anchors, plus the ridiculous graphics, plus the multiple news tickers are apt to give me a stroke. I do, however, want to meet whoever writes the news ticker. “Rwandan amputees find refuge in football” was a recent favorite.

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